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Crownwood owners and craftsman are dedicated to excellence in the art of cabinet making.

Crownwood was founded in 2003 with a vision to be a supplier of high end cabinetry in central pa.


Since then, Crownwood has grown to supply beautiful custom cabinetry to discriminating customers from Virginia to Upstate NY to as far away as Florida and Alberta.


Crownwood’s goal of excellence in cabinet crafting, beauty and function is a delight to many homeowners and design professionals in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.


Crownwood is owned and operated by Andrew Fisher.


Andrew is a direct descendant of the Amish of Lancaster County. While he is no longer Amish, the fine craftsmanship and work ethic of the Amish can still be experienced through his fine products.

Andrew has a background in woodworking, production management and residential construction.


Some of Andrews’s earliest woodworking memories are of being in his father’s shop and “feeding” the wood planer.


With Andrews experience, you can be sure to be working with someone that understands your needs and that has both the desire and understanding that is required to have your project be a success.

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